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CPR Fishing Charters Inc
Capt. Mike Moore
Phone: 321-624-9789
     Mike was born in 1970 at Rocky Mount , VA. and the Moore family moved to Orlando, Fl. 6 weeks later. Mike started fishing when he was 4 years old with his older Brother and Father. By the time he was 11 his Father said '' this kid is going to be hard pressed taking any job serious in life other than something to do with fishing. The passion he would get when he caught a fish and the care he would take makeing sure the fish would swim away un-harmed was always something that people who fished with him in those early years could not understand . He understood it, if he caught a fish and put it back it was there for someone else to have the same fun he had catching it . At the age of 12 he started fishing for Saltwater Trout and Redfish and from that point he has been hooked line and sinker for these saltwater fish. As Mike grew up he got better and better at spotting fish movements in the water that no one else could see. When he got to where he would tell people fishing with him to cast over there you had better do it because if you did not likely he would cast over there and get a fish he knew it was time to get set up with his Captians license and get the same enjoyment fishing with his own Guest.
     He is a full time fishing guide licensed by the US Coast Guard and is the Owner of CPR Fishing Charters Inc. He fishes on the waters he loves so much and that is the Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River Lagoon. Most of his time is spent on the water with his Guests putting them on fish and showing them how to catch the fish he is so passionate about. If he does not have a trip booked you will most likley find him on the water fishing and improving his skills in finding fish for his next booked trip. He loves to use artificial lures to cast to tailing redfish and trout he said it is nothing like watching a redfish take a swim bait or jerk a worm off the surface, but he also understands that sometimes artificial lures is not what a redfish or trout want so he is also skilled in the use of live bait as well as cut bait.
     The boat he chooses to run is a Ranger Banshee and is roomy for himself and two Guests, the boat is designed to run in very, shallow water and get you back where the fish are at. He will tell you that you never know, the very next cast could be one of the famous Mosquito Lagoon or Indian River Lagoon fish of a lifetime a "Big Bull Redfish"
      Call Capt. Mike today at 321-624-9789 and book or reserve your next guided fishing trip of a lifetime.
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